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hello there! it's nice to have you...


A big welcome to you.

Let me first introduce myself, you can call me bee, and you are currently on this wonderful space I created for all of us.

Firstly, I am not about to list my life achievements because honestly, it's not a long list. Just thank you for being here. I hope you find navigating these pages fun as much as I loved creating them.

I consider myself a writer and content creator. I love telling stories because storytelling gives you an insight to what you were once blinded to. And if I might add, I also like sharing my thoughts and offering great lifestyle tips, and what better way to do those.
Many times, these thoughts get so packed that we just want to pour it out somewhere and give the world some tidbits of all that good mess going on up there. And that was how   pennedbybee was born!
This is my very own passion project filled with unique, engaging and thought-provoking contents. 

I believe writing has been a vital channel through which amazing thoughts come to life, and that's what this platform is built for - turning the curve of the single story. 


Explore this space and all that I have to offer, perhaps  pennedbybee will ignite your own passions as well.

Keep navigating!