3 Songs That Makes Me Ecstatic

What is life without music?

I believe it is safe to assume that everyone should love at least one type of music genre, if not multiple. It doesn't have to be a popular genre. If you enjoy whatever combination of melody, beats and lyrics that makes you feel lost in a world of bliss then you've nailed it! But if you can't relate to what I'm saying right now then I don't even know what to tell you. Just know I'll be praying for you.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” - Said by Plato

Plato couldn't have said it better. Imagine a world without music. *shudders*

Having that in mind, here is a list of 3 songs that can switch me back to a happy mood whenever my soul needs that good touching. I should also point out that I am such a dedicated song lover. Jams from my old playlist still speak my language till date and I don't think I can let them go any time soon.

1. Angel By The Wings - Sia

" Take an angel by the wings Beg her now for anything Beg her now for one more day Take an angel by the wings Time to tell her everything Ask her for the strength to stay "

I stumbled on this song mistakenly. A sweeping balled Sia recorded for the documentary film - The Eagle Huntress. And firstly, what a fantastic artist Sia is. I LOVE HER! - she should adopt me.

I fell in love with the melody of this song, then I took the time to listen and understand the lyrics and that was when I got swoon. The message is uplifting, strong and reassuring. This is the kind of song you listen to when you need to get back on your feet during those days of self-doubt and feelings of defeat not to mention disappointments.

The rise and fall of the rhythm stress the message in a method that emphasizes strength - as if giving you an assurance that you can definitely get back stronger despite the hick-ups and challenges.

It is a song that speaks victory - a kind that you have to get up and get.

2. Ungrateful Eyes - Jon Bellion

" I made a hundred grand this year (clap clap, clap clap, so what?) Still lost still feeling anxious still worry about the same shit I made a hundred grand this year (clap clap, clap clap, so what?) Still lost, still feel depressed like I'm try to find a way in I'm trying to figure this out, but my God I'm so human "

Jon Jon Jon. I love how he uses words in the most intricate way to tell his story. He sings facts - the real-life stuff. I like this song because of the reality it tends to present, most especially to celebrities and people of status. This reality might be relatable to other people and to others not so. But it got to me because, in my own little way, I have metaphorically lived the experience Jon was trying to pass in this song. He goes to explain that despite his flourishing bank account, he is still prone to depression and pain like every other person, and therefore money does not magically turn you into a mountain of joy with answers to everything.

Still, after complaining, Jon goes to ask if he was being ungrateful for whining about the affluent life he enjoys - should he not complain? Should he be drastically fulfilled with his life as it is? Given that he can probably have anything money can buy.

Lastly, he explains that he still loves and wants to find answers to the simplest things in life - like where do stars come from? His money cannot make him immune to wanting to be a simple human with questions like everyone else. He craves for that too.

3. Alejandro - Lady Gaga

" She's not broken She's just a baby But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad And all those flames that burned before him Now he's gonna fire fight, gotta cool the bad "

Billie Eilish: I sing weird songs Lady Gaga: Hold my machine gun bra while I go stuff rosary beads down my throat.

Like I wrote earlier, I am a loyal song lover and this was exactly the song I had in mind when I wrote that. I love Lady Gaga, it is beautiful to see how her brand has changed over time and I'm here for all of it. So Alejandro has been my jam for as long as I can remember. I consider Lady Gaga an icon in music. Her creativity is unrivalled.

I remember how the video stood out to me. A bunch of half-clothed men with weird hair cuts and cinematic erotic dancing was something that'll stick in your brain for a long time - considering the period this song was released. I was also curious and critical about her concept of swallowing the rosary. It was like I was mad at her and at the same time, couldn't stop watching and loving.

In the video, Gaga dances with a group of soldiers in a cabaret, interspersed with scenes of Gaga as a nun swallowing a rosary and near-naked men holding machine guns. The music video was controversial and received mixed reviews. Critics complimented its idea and dark nature while the Catholic League criticized Gaga for alleged blasphemy, despite Klein, the director dropping the idea and claiming that the scene in question (the swallowing of Rosary beads) was Gaga's "desire to take in the Holy".

Oh, Gaga.

There you have it, my favourite three jams. Let me hear about yours too, tell me your best three.