Melanin Sufficient

An ode to every black queen… with sufficient melanin

Photo by: mcarsonphotography

She could be of any shade No, this is not sun-made Roots from the continent runner-up Her presence could make you gulp

Balanced on her head is a kinky halo Only with Shea will her skin glow Full lips that holds the brightest smile Originality, that’s just her lifestyle

Tho some shelves sell light-hued promises Some would come with return policies But she’s got love for her coco Wouldn’t like to be served ‘dodo’

Ages past, she was taught to matte her fro To be ‘conventional’ and go ‘weave’ the flow Not an omen, not a downside But won’t sell her kinks to hydroxide

The world could call her exotic No doubt cos she really got it Tho whatever comes with that caption She still wears her crown with satisfaction

Her type don’t crack Her Mama still a snack Her aura still allure Her melanin still sufficient